Happy Hormones Epsom Bath Salts

Happy Hormones Epsom Bath Salts

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What do you want when you feel tired and weary after a long day? You need a pick me up!  You want to feel fresh, happy and grounded. This simple oil blend makes me feel all these things. 💞


Smell can really affect emotions and essential oils help to support this. The Happy Hormones blend makes me feel relaxed as well as calm, uplifted and less anxious. 💞


In this blend I have used


 🌱Lavender which calms the mind and with its sweetly floral herbaceous aroma reduces stress and even anxiety.🌱


🍊Orange which is uplifting and cheerful as well as promoting relaxation and feelings of happiness.🍊


🍃Marjoram which has a positive effect on your nervous system and helps with emotional support such as anxiety, stress and even grief. 


Reiki is positive energy that is channeled into the salts to help clear blockages on the physical, emotional,  mental and spiritual levels and balance the chakras.


100% pure essential oils that are High Quality / Pure & Natural / Fully Certified /Vegan-Friendly

100% BP FCC Food Grade Organic Epsom Salts 

100% Organic Coarse Grain Pink Himalayan Salts 

Fractionated Coconut oil 


DIRECTIONS: Dissolve 2-3 TBSP in bath water, soak for 20 mins. 


Drink plenty of water afterwards and rest after the bath.



These bath soaks make delightful gifts or are the perfect treat for yourself.

Also available in small organza size which are ideal wedding/party favours or stocking fillers.