Let It Go Epsom Bath Salts

Let It Go Epsom Bath Salts

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Envelope yourself in the cleansing qualities of Himalayan Pink Salts and a blend of oils that'll allow you to relax and let it all go after a stressful day. 🛀🏽 


Bergamot - helps relieve stressful feelings and promotes relaxation 🔅 


Grapefruit - it's a citrusy uplifter to wake up your senses and encourage smoother looking skin. 🔅


Geranium - brightens your mood and brings balance to the mind with a stabilizing floral middle note 🔅


Adding essential oils to the bath is one of my favorite things. Well, baths in general are one of my favorite things. A good long soak is just about the perfect combination of self care and wellness. Baths have been used for centuries for health benefits like reducing stress as well as alleviating muscle aches and improving the health of your skin.🔅🛀🏽🔅


DIRECTIONS: Dissolve 2-3 TBSP in bath water, soak for 20 mins. 


Drink plenty of water afterwards and rest after the bath.


Benefits of Epsom Salts include: Reduce muscle tension and stiffness. 

Ease tiredness and fatigue. 

Clear chemicals and heavy metals of out the body. 

Enhance your mood during busy and stressful times. 

Improve insomnia or restless sleep. 

Help ease anxiety in children.

Ease pain from injury or sport. 

Soothe eczema and skin conditions. 

Calm anxieties and help during panic attacks




These bath soaks make delightful gifts or are the perfect treat for yourself.

Also available in small organza size which are ideal wedding/party favours or stocking fillers.