Amethyst Quartz Glass Water Bottle
Amethyst Quartz Glass Water Bottle
Amethyst Quartz Glass Water Bottle
Amethyst Quartz Glass Water Bottle

Amethyst Quartz Glass Water Bottle

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Unlock the power of crystal healing as you rehydrate throughout the day with an Amethyst Quartz Crystal Water bottle

Amethyst is a beautiful purple naturally forming quartz stone, which is known as a stone of spirituality.

Drinking from a crystal elixer infused water bottle can help to improve healing and feelings of wellbeing

The Amethyst Quartz infused crystal water bottle can help with:

  • Clearing distractions and calming the mind
  • Deepening meditation
  • Enhancing sleep
  • Gives wisdom
  • Helps with intuition
  • Improves feelings of contentment
  • Improving energy levels

How to charge your amethyst crystal water bottle

Although the bottle will come clean and ready to use, it is a good idea to wash your new crystal with a mild soap and water. This will make sure the crystal is clear of energy that isn't your own. 

To charge the crystal hold it firmly in your hands or close to your heart or crown chakra. Meditate on your crystal while you set your intentions and place your energy into the crystal.

Take your time while you set your intentions, experiment and be as creative as you want to be.

When you have set your intention your water bottle is ready for use. Fill it with water and use it throughout the day to feel the positive benefits of the crystal enhanced water.

550ml capacity glass water bottle
High grade natural Amethyst gemstone
stainless steel
Polished glass
Black protective sleeve

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