Cedar Smudge Sticks
Cedar Smudge Sticks
Cedar Smudge Sticks

Cedar Smudge Sticks

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Cedar leaves have a sweet, woody pine like scent and although more people are accustomed to smudging with Sage, Cedar should not be overlooked.

Ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Native Americans used Cedar specifically to enter conversations with their creator.

When smouldering, Cedar Smudge Sticks give off a fragrance that is not to dissimilar to Palo Santo wood. The effect is not as intense as burning White Sage, however the healing properties and energy these smudge sticks create is equal to smudging with Sage.

The benefits of smudging with Cedar

The medicinal smoke from Cedar is known to promote insight and is therefore a great aid to divination work or for creating a spiritual atmosphere.

The smoke is said to attract good spirits, get rid of any built up negative energy and offer protection.

What can I use a cedar smudge stick for?

You can use your cedar smudge stick in which ever way you feel comfortable, some ideas are to:

  • Ask the universe for healing
  • For meditation or prayer
  • To bless a new home
  • To improve your spiritual intuition

Before you begin smudging

It is good practice to set your intentions. Ask the universe to hear your request either by stating your intentions out loud, or by meditating on what you desire inside your head.

Make sure the room you are smudging in is well ventilated. Leaving a window open will allow any stagnant negative energy to escape out of the room, leaving room for the positive energy to circulate.

100% pure Cedar smudge stick
Length approx 10cm

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